Cap sense ICs



Analog Microelectronics CAV414 , 10-2000pF, 2kHz BW, differential with two grounded caps, C1-C2 analog output, no guard. Several interface app notes.  About $2.13/1000, Germany.
QProx Sensors Site Six low-cost chips, including liquid level and arrays,  proprietary circuit, grounded caps, 200uS response, no guard,UK.
MicroSensors MS3110, high precision chip, 8 kHz BW, digital adjustment of offset, gain, BW, 0.25-10pF, 4 aF/sqrtHz, charge balance, US. 
Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems General purpose sensor interfaces
Smartec sensors, interface, evaluation kits UTI interface chip, 1-5 floating caps, low BW, gain and offset compensation, PWM output works with uC, Netherlands. About $3/1000 qty.
Goal Semiconductor, Inc., custom ASICs Fabless ASIC company with sensor experience, Canada
VTI, silicon micromachined chips Design and production of micromachined acceleration,
shock, inclination, vibration and pressure sensors.
XEMICS - Low-power semiconductors XE2204, 0-120 pF;  charge balance, 10kHz BW, 7uV/sqrtHz (5kHz), digital adjustment of offset, gain, linearity, and BW. <0.25aF/sqrtHz resolution, Swiss. About $4/10,000 qty.
The charge balance types use two floating sense capacitors with a common connection and are shielded by ground.

The Smartec part uses 1-5 floating sense capacitors in an RC oscillator circuit and are shielded by ground.

The Q-prox parts mostly use one one-plate-grounded sense capacitors. No guard available.

Note that standard parts can be used for capacitive sensing, such as the TLC555 oneshot or the HC7404 CMOS inverter. No programmable registers are available if you use standard parts, but often a local microprocessor can handle these features.


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