Research links


Applying Electric Field Sensing MIT Media Lab
UC/Berkeley Search for "capacitive sensor"
Capacitive proximity sensors come of age Search for "capacitive"
Cable Sensor "likes" parasitics Design Ideas
MEMS sensors EE Times - News
Design Several white papers and a selection of interface chips
Elsevier Science Search for "capacitive sensors"
Instrumentation & Control Systems Magazine Process control applications; search for "capacitive"
TUDelft, Intelligent Systems Delft University of Technology
TUDelft, contributions Delft University of Technology
Interface for Low-Power Microsystems University of Michigan
Journal of Electrostatics Table of Contents
 Micromachine Position Sensing University of California at Berkeley
Various projects Delft University of Technology
  NMRC: Sensorweb Search for "capacitive sensors"
Relative humidity sensors National Museum of Denmark
Capacitive Tomography citations Process Tomography Limited
Downloadable journal papers Sensors and Actuators A: Physical; search keyword "capacitive"
Downloadable journal papers From several journals; search "capacitive" or "capacitive sensor"
Electronics for  Capacitive Sensors Tune stray capacitance with an inductor
Smartec sensors, UTI Interface Universal interface chip


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